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O.S.I.   Oil Storeage Installation.LIVERPOOL BAY.

O.S.I. Oil Storeage Installation.LIVERPOOL BAY.

Gas from the Douglas Platform is sent ashore to Point of Ayr N,Wales,the oil that raises with it is seperated and sent to the O.S.I. When the OSI is near full,aTanker is charted to discharge this oil. This opperation is ongoing all year round.

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Likewise with this one Peter, you are also going to have to help us out a bit here… we have moved this one from Cargo Vessels into this gallery, but it might be useful to know what she is so we can be a bit clearer as to where she fits in, and at the same time maybe we can ask you to think of a better name for her than the present “scan000937” which is, I feel you may agree, a bit vague… (*))

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