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Old radio station

Old radio station

From the yugoslavian motor vessel 'Makedonija'
IDNo: 5217983
Date of completion: 4.50
Flag: YUG
DWT: 9100

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I'm wondering if the radio gear is older than the ship.

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the receiver is an old bc348 I think it was an U.S. army receiver from W.W.2
and think the Transmetter next to it was also an ex U.S, army tx cannot remember
the type By the way the receiver was excelent


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The one in the middle looks very similar to a radio reciever which my Uncle had after he left the RAF in the 60's. He was in Holyhead and recorded Radio London on 266m from it.

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Hi Pat,

The receiver is definitely on of the BC348-x variants. They were designed for aircraft use and ran off the plane's DC supply with an internal dynamotor to generate the HT. They were pretty good receivers for their time and I remember modifying one in the early 60s for a friend so that it could run off 240V ac. I was playing with one a couple of weeks ago and it still worked pretty well although it had been heavily modified and painted a vile shade of green.

I don't recognise the transmitter. It is interesting that SAIT were using, what I assume, was US government war surplus and putting their own labels on it.


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That seems to have been common practice by SAIT, John.
They had fingers in so many pies or were part of so many groups during their time that it could, almost be called "company equipment". [=P]

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I can confirm same re SAIT. My SWBF 1960's console consisted of Swedish transmitters,
German receiver and British Redifon autokey amongst others.

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