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one of the Border tankers

one of the Border tankers

leaving lerwick good few years back

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That's the Border Warrior. Though going by the funnel colours, this was photo was taken when she was still under BP Oil management, so she'd be 'BP Warrior'. A fine wee ship she was too.
All geared fur the Big Bannock? Can't be far away now.

M.T. Border Warrior
1529 grt, 762 nrt, 2221 dwt
ON 335821
249'2'' x 40'11'' x 15'6''
As Built: 12-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (250x300mm) Polar Vee type oil engine manufactured by Nydqvist & Holm Ab, Trollhattanm geared to a controllable-pitch propeller. 1250bhp
Post 1987: 8-cyl. 4 S.C.S.A. (225x300mm) Alpha 8L23/30KV type oil engine manufactured by MAN-B&W Diesel A/S Frederikshavn. 1468bhp
25.04.1968 Launched at Hall Russell & Co Ltd, Aberdeen as 'Grangemouth'.
02.07.1968 Completed and handed over to Shell-Mex & BP Ltd.
1975 Transferred to BP Oil Ltd.
1976 Renamed 'BP Warrior'.
11.1987 Re-engined by Wear Dockyard.
1989 Owners restyle as BP Oil UK Ltd.
1997 Management transferred to BP Shipping Ltd, renamed 'Border Warrior'.
17.07.2004 Arrived at Santander from Grangemouth.
20.07.2004 Handed over at 1630 GMT to the Resyna Shipyard for demolition.

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