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One of the last messages before abandoning Ayrshire

One of the last messages before abandoning Ayrshire

This message was sent fro Ayrshire to Head Office and in case the scan doesnt show up to well reads as follows:
The Salvage Association have received the following radio message from on board steamer Ayrshire
Dated Apr26 1965

Regret inform you that after successful refloating 1.20pm GMT today vessel was allowed to drift ashore on west side Bandar Saleh Bay, Abd al Kuri and is now in grave danger of becoming unsalvable as position much more exposed and vessel's after body bumping heavily.
Tugs Mississippi and Oceaan fast aft but so far have failed improve conditions and as most water has now been pumped out there is not much can be done to lighten after ship.

The next part reads:
Tugs efforts last 12 hours unavailing and position utmost seriousness as two know current pinning ship on reef and vessel bumping and labouring with some evidence of deterioration.
No6 tank now leaking. No 1 hold actively leaking and engine room leakage increased slightly.
Understand salvors now considering abandonment and if so crew will be removed.
Weather continues fine light breeze, smooth sea, slight swell.

I have always considered the phrase ALLOWED TO DRIFT ASHORE as most significant.
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