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Battleship Oregon. According to accompanying text published just after the Spanish American war, she is nicknamed "Bulldog of the Sea". One of her broadsides hurls more than three ton metal. She made the distance Frisco - West Indies in only 57 days and sank, on her own, no less than four

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As Stein has added the details of this ship can be found under the Indiana ( the class leader) an intersting thing about the Oregon - commissioned in 1896- is that she was only scrapped in Kawasaki Japan in 1956 at the fine old age of 60!

In 1921 moves were afoot to designate her a museum but these came to nothing and in accordance with the Washington Naval Treaty she was deactivated and disrmed in 1924.
In June 1925 she was loaned to the State of Oregon, restored, and moored at Portland as a floating monument and museum.
In 1941 the now unclassified ship was redesignated and given the Number
IX22, she was then authorised to be scrapped as her armour was deemed vital to the war effort, struck from the register on the 02nd November 1942 she was towed to Kalima Washinton in December. In March of 1943 the USN requested that scrapping be halted and although cut down to the main-deck she was returned to the USN for use as a storage hulk.
Loaded with ammunition and explosives ( bet that was a popular posting) she was towed to Guam in July of 1944.

After rusting away in Guam she broke her moorings and drifted out to sea one night during a typhoon on the 14-15 November 1948.
On the 08th December 1948 the old girl was located by spotter plane some 500 miles to the South-east of the island and she was towed back and sold to the Iwai Sanggo Co of Kawasaki on the 15 March 1956 . Once again attempts to preserve her failed and she was scrapped during 1956

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The main mast and stacks were saved and can be seen in downtown Portland.

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