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Pantanal, registered in St John's, loads New Ferry LXXXVIII, in Hobart,Tasmania, Australia, on Monday, 25 August 2008, for delivery to its owners in Hong Kong. Pantanal is named after the huge wetland area in Brazil.

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Got to agree with Mike Walter. I was having a look about for you but couldn't see you. Thought Rex might have been about also.

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A fairly graphic example of what is now maybe the norm in terms of stability arrangemnts when making these relatively massive shift of weights – certainly a very interesting float arrangement on that port side to compensate. Frankly, as good as pencil and paper may be, I think I would prefer to have the computer make the calculations on that one…(Jester)

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Wouldn't mind knowing a bit more about the "float/stabilizer/pontoon" arrangement on the port side - watching the operation, admittedly from a bit of a distance .... the instant the weight was taken by the cranes, the lower edges of the white lines on the "float" sank to the water line but never submerged and recovered their position almost immediately. Agree with your latter comment Tonga - she's certainly not in heavy ballast condition but I'll bet what was in the tanks was pressed up, although I expect some computer control system was transferring water transversely during the exercise!
The second catamaran loaded this afternoon (26th) - stowed on deck.

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