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deck apprentice Elisabeth Jacobsen, 1933

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In other pictures of her, she does not look that out of it. Sunning herself together with the captain's daughtet, Ruby de Cloux, also signed on as an apprentice and who looks to be of the same age, waving to a passing ship, and observing the work in the rigging. Then stylishly dressed in white from top to bottom. She did the homeward passage, and have complained of not finding acceptance by the rest of the crew. One is reminded of Amercan playwright Eugene O'Neil who did a two month journey from Boston to Buenos Aires on Norwegian barque Charles Racine, and who parlayed that into what sounds like a mighty hard lifetime as sea. He was hired on as a "supercargo", something which I read as a passenger on a ship not certified to carry such. Elizabeth Jacobsen and Ruby de Cloux were hired on as "apprentices" - a title belonging to a system they did not then have in Scandinavia. Erikson did hire a few as apprentices, which let him pay them less, but they would have been laughed out of the Finnish hiring offfice if thy had demanded that their time at sea should count for more than those that had "climbed in trough the hawsepipe." (I called Ruby de Cloux as a passenger in this posting, probably becaus she is not seen doing any work, but in the articles she too is designated "apprentice.")

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