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Party time on ST Bangkok

Party time on ST Bangkok

Chief Officer Jack McEwen, 3/O Allan Tattersal + Irish R/O

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About this time Denholm ruled you had to have tanker time to go master. Group 3 who ran the 4 gas turbine ships and the Bangkok and Siam, set about overcoming this provision.

I was sent to Bangkok as Second Mate, understudying and relieving Jim McCobb.

Davie Wright relieved me.

Jack MacEwen was sent to understudy David.

I well recall Jack's comment shortly after joining in Singapore, while sitting on an almost totally silent midship bridge on a bright calm sunny China Sea day on a slow steam trip from Kharg to San Francisco:

'To think that I fought against this to stay on the North Atlantic'.

Hughie Davies and some others went to Siam, but Denholm spoiled the plot by insisting that the now tanker qualified and promotable mates had been theirs all along, and not belonging to Group 3.

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