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Built 1981 by Nieuwe Nederlandsche Scheepswerven BV Groningen LOA 298 ft 7 in Beam 42 ft 8 in 3266 DWT 1599 GRT. Esso's newer dedicated bitumen tanker. Sold latterly to Crescent Shipping and became the Crescent Highway. There was a story that Esso changed the original yard design by adding an extra deck of accommodation, in doing so the vessel was so tender that she had to have 200 tons of permanent ballast added? How much truth in that I wouldn't know, but perhaps an SN member can put us right.

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Hi Chris

You are correct. It was 200 tonnes of steel welded into the bottom of the tanks. She fell over when they did the inclining test. I was on her both as 2nd mate and mate. As mate I ws back to back with Mike Irwin. We also found that we had to allow the ballast tanks to overflow for quite a while to obtain minimum free surface. When she was brand new we did a cargo to Manchester and topped all the ballast tanks up to an ullage. As we proceeded down the canal, she 'rolled' around the bends, taking an angle of loll to one side or the other depending on which way the bend went. The Appledores used to do the same in ballast with a wind on the beam. The Avons GZ curve was almost level but extended with positive GM past 90 degrees, so she rolled like a VLCC.


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