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Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide

The Port Adelaide at Lyttelton on 18 January 1962. Not sure who the person in the foreground is.

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Looks like a local Dave.
The "Port Adelaide" had no real sister although the "Port Nelson" was similar.
The maiden voyage of the "Port Adelaide" was out to Auckland in 1951. She was the first Port Line vessel to be equipped to use boiler oil in her main diesel engine.
When built she had a single raked pole mast forward of her bridge between numbers 2 and 3 hatchways. It was found that the mast vibrated greatly when the ship was under way and so a set of samson posts were built in it's place.
Following the successful experiment in the "Port Napier" and "Port Brisbane" her refrigerated holds were sheathed with aluminium alloy sheets. The initial cost was greater but the upkeep less.
In 1953 she discharged 5,000 tons of butter at Gdynia, Poland.
In 1954 she did a trip out to India on charter to T & J Brocklebank, the other subsidiary to the Port Line in the Cunard group.

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