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My first Deep Sea Ship as Junior Engineer in January 1966. It was a nightmare!
Twin 5 centre scavenge Doxfords with water cooled pistons. The normal trip from the UK to NZ was about 30 days, 10 to Panama Canal, transit, then 19 days accross the Pacific. That trip, voyage 51 I think, was of 42 days duration.
There was a Breakdown on average, every two days! Not to mention the Allen roaring 8's and the 'fun' with them!
The duration of the whole trip was 5 months and although I swore never to return, I ended up back again next trip!
The first trip didn't earn enough (GBP64/month, gross) for me to cover my expences of the financial outlay of my uniform, Blues & Whites and boiler suits etc!
On hindsight, the two trips on the Port Phillip afforded me great experience of life at sea in a short period. I continued at sea for a total of ten years.

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