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PORTLAIRGE, as she looked originally in the early 1920's. It would seem looking at K.B.Cleare's fine painting of her that a mast was added between the cranes at a later stage. Probably to comply with Dept. navigation lighting requirements ie:- mast-head light. Sad to see her as she lies now rotting away. When she was decommissioned there was mention of preserving her as Irelands oldest working steam vessel, but...that costs money and dedication. She was built of steel by Dublin Dockyard Co; Dublin in Aug. 1907 for Waterford Harbour Commissioners and registered in Waterford that same year. Cost £7,975. Official number - 102006. 140'.3'' x 29'.1'' x 11'.5''. 11' draft aft when fully loaded. 165 nt. 401 gt. 62 hp. Boiler 12' dia. x 10' long. 130lbs working pressure. 2 Priestman steam cranes, 40 cwt capacity. Grabs 38 cu.ft. capacity. Max. dredging depth - 40'. Hopper capacity - 475 tons. Aveerage load time in 20' of water, stiff mud - 4 hours. Hopper doors raised by steam winches. Acc. forward for 8 crew, Master and officers aft. Deleted from Lloyd's Register in 1958 and declassed to harbour services only. Charley
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