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Priam (5)

Priam (5)

British cargo liner PRIAM (5) imo 660471/ 171,9m/ 12,094gt/ 21kn; 11/1966 completed by Vickers Armstrong Ltd, Newcastle, for the Ocean Steam Ship Co. She was the first in a class of eight ships of which four were initially operated by Glen Line; 1978 the growth of the containership rendered them obsolete and the Priam, the PEISANDER, the PROMEHEUS and the PROTESILAUS where sold en bloc to C. Y. Tung. Operated by Panocean Shipping of Liberia the PRIAM was renamed ORIENTAL CHAMPION; 1979 she was converted into a container ship, being lenghhned to 195,4m/14.626gt; 1980 she was transferred to C. Y. Tung's Carterfold Shipping Co. retaining her name, and in 1982 was sold to Vanderhoff Shipping Co. of Panama, again, retaining her name. Two years later she was sold to Island Investment & Agency Corp. Ltd and Wattling Nav. Inc of Panama without a change of name; 18/10/1985, during the Iraq-Iran war, her steering gear housing was hit by an Iraqi missile and she had to be towed to Bahrain. The cost of repairs proved to be uneconomical and she was towed to Kaohsiung in Taiwan where she was broken up.
Seen berthing Leixões 18/06/1972, assisted by tugs MONTE DA LAPA an MONTE XISTO.

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A fine photo Rui, and thanks for all the info,on Her.
Peter T.

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