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Part of a press release photo taken early 1943, notes on the back of the photo as follows
British Destroyers at Battle Drill, pictures shows – British Destroyers laying a smoke screen.
Not to be published before the weekly papers on Feb 24th.

The destroyer nearest the camera has the pennant number G45, seen on the stern, which makes her HMS Quail.

Q-Class Fleet Destroyer ordered on 2nd April 1940 with the 3rd Emergency Flotilla from Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle. The ship was laid down on 6th November 1940 and launched on 1st June 1942 as the 7th RN warship to bear carry the name, introduced in 1895. It was previously used by a destroyer built in 1895 and sold in 1919. Build was completed on 7th January 1943 at a cost of £436, 576 excluding the equipment which was supplied by the Admiralty such as armament, wireless and radar equipment.

15 Nov 1943 During patrol in Adriatic struck mine in barrage laid by U453 off Bari on 25th October., she was beached South of Bari to await salvage. She remained there until Dec 1943 when she was towed to Bari for temporary repair.
In the period Jan to April 944 she as under temporary repair to allow towing to Taranto and ultimately to Malta for full repair.
18 May 1944 Capsized and sank in Gulf of Taranto whilst in tow

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At Smith's there was a shed called "The Admiralty Shed" where all the specialist equipment you mention was stored, it was still known as that after the War. Any other Shipbuilder's have the same?

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