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Quinto, near  Geova.

Quinto, near Geova.

View from my house on he cliff at Quinto, a couple along the coast of Genova. Spent thee months working on paintings for Costa's COSTA VICTORIA, 1996.

Northerly winds lasting for several days. Days later the water comes back into the gulf. Might be flat calm sea and the swells builds onto t

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Oh, Stephen, what a life.
Are you alone, do you have a beautiful woman who satisfies you or do you have the fulfilment of painting.
Oh, I'd trade places with you. I have three women who are very young and expect a lot from me. Painting pictures, I can't do it anymore.

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LOL. This spot back in Quinto I was working on some commissions and was not able to play very much. Girlfriend came to join for a couple of weeks so it was a bit of both. She was an artist.... she said I was just a painter! Never mix acrylics with oil! Three winter months, but this spot at Quinto was stunning.

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Nice foam. There is a Chinese-American painter named Ruo Li, who specializes in foamy surfs. He would have bought that photograph off you.

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