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The Wilh. Wilhelmsen "Toronto"
Built 1956 by Kaldness M.V. (Tonsberg)
9,800 tons 16 kts.

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Here's a more peaceful picture of the ship, with a deckload of boats:
The picture is from a Norwegian site under build, but already with some good information on several Norwegian companies and their ships: With even the intro page in Norwegian it might be a bit hard to navigate for non-Scandinavians, but in the coloured box on the right is ports, clicking on one of them will give you that city's shipowners.

The basics for Toronto is: Kaldnes Mek. Verksted A/S, Tønsberg/ Norway Bno:143. Completed: 27.08.1956. 8223grt, loa 142m, Sulzer 10cyl. 73-Ascarya. 09.10.1981: Laid up at Djakarta. 09.04.1982: Arrived Tandjong Priok in tow for demolition at Marunda Scrapyard. Regards, Stein.

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Hey Tom, that is one fabulous black and white painting ! I would be really chuffed with myself if I could do one like that as a finished piece but I guess real artists would only consider it as only a working sketch prior to a (color) colour painting ! Thanks for posting it, Snowy

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