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Laid alongside the north quay in King George V dock, London, which is now part of the London City airport runway. Shot taken from the Flintshire.

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terence, hi. According to "Blue Funnel" and "Glen Line" histories this ship and some of her sisters were built by Vickers Ltd.
Cheers, John.

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Correct, Dave. As you probably know, unfortunately the eight "Super Ps" became obsolete before their time, due to the rapid requirement of container space during the 70s.
For Glen Line there was originally :
Glenalmond, built in 1966 by MHI, Nagasaki. She became the Patroclus in 1973.
Glenfinlas, built in 1967 by John Brown's on the Clyde. She became the Phemius in 1972.
Pembrokeshire, built in 1967 by MHI, Nagasaki. She became the Phrontis in 1972.
Radnorshire, built in 1967 by Vickers Armstrong in Newcastle. She became the Perseus in 1973.

For Blue Funnel : Priam (1966), Peisander (67), Protesilaus (67), and Prometheus (67). All built by Vickers in Newcastle.
These four ships were sold en bloc to C.Y. Tung in 1978.

I coasted the Glenalmond and then Patroclus (under Dutch flag) and the same ship, and also did a couple of trips as 2nd Mate on the Prometheus when on the Blue Sea "round the world" service(76/77).
Happy days.

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Hi Mike,

My first trip was the last for the Phrontis. I joined in Antwerp a couple of days after Xmas '81 (The only time I sailed from a European port!). Thence to Gravesend (explosives), New Year in the Channel and onto Indonesia/Singapore and the Roads for sale. I left her at the end of Feb '81. Next ship was Barber Memnon in March @New York and hello to BBS.

I was always taken by the lines of the Super P's and was very happy to sail in one. In my view, they were not good sea ships! Then again, I was only a first tripper experiencing the joys of the Bay of Biscay!


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