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B 1965Ansaldo Soc. p.Anon., Genoa. T 45,911 g,24,572n.
D 905/275.84 oa, 800.5/243.99 bp x 101.9/31.06 x 51.8/15.79.
E Tw scr, 4 stm turb, drg, 87,000 shp, 4 wt bIrs, 900 psi. 2911:2 kts. By Ansaldo Stabilimento Mecc. H I1 dks. B & F 799/243.5. Upp B & F 822/250.54. I ho/ha.
p 535 1st, 550 cabin, 690 tst. Crew 720.
1960 Sept 8: Laid down. 1962 Sept 16: Launched. The pair had no sheer but flared bows. For this reason they turned out to be 'wet' ships forward. The lattice funnels also caused much comment - mostly unfavorable. But they adequate1y c1eared the exhaust fwnes off the ship. Although Atlantic ships they were given white hulls.
1965 May 12: M/v Genoa-New York. Aug: The vessel had suffered ftom acute vibration aft and was withdrawn. The fault was found to be her propellers. New ones were designed, fitted and tested. She was now found to be faster at 3111:2 kts.
1966 Feb 5: Returned to service. Apr 12: Struck by an exceptional wave which smashed the ftont windows and damaged the superstructure killing three.
20 eabins were demolished and qpzens flooded.
1973 Refitted. P 843 1st, 770 tst. Crew 680/700 seasonal..
1975 Government edict stated that ali passenger ships were to be c10sed by 1977. Her overhaul was cancelled. July 5: Withdrawn and laid up at Genoa after ten years service.
1976 Sept: Decommissioned by Italia and laid up at La Spezia for disposal.
Dee: Sold to the Imperial Iranian Navy. Both were converted and given more air conditioning. 1977 July: At Bandar Abbas for use as a barracks ship. It is recorded that the two ships were sold on a trade exehange basis and no money changed hands.
1979 Taken over by the Republie when the Shah was deposed. Same name.
1987 Reportedly sold to Taiwan for demolition. Remained in lay up.
1991 June 6: Arrived at Gadani beach for serapping by Ghaffar Dada.
Sister of Michelangelo. T 45,933 g, 24,557n.
1963 Mar 24: Launched. Became regarded as an unlucky ship.
July 25: M/v Genoa-New
York. Her arrivai in New York was timed to coincide with Michelangelo (whose departure had been delayed for this reason) being at pier 90 thereby affording much publicity because no two large sisters had been there together since 1939 (Bremen and Europa).
Oct: Suffered an engine room fire which cut off one engine and she was forced to put back to Genoa.
1970 May 19: OffGibraltar she collided with the OBO Cuyahoga (Torvald KIaveness) near Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Repaired at Gibraltar.
1973 Sept 27: Damaged a screw and retumed to Genoa for it to be changed.
1974 Reduced to two classes like her sister.
1975 Apr 30: Laid up at Genoa. June: At La Spezia for disposal. Sold to the Imperial Iranian
Navy. 1977 Aug: became a barracks ship at Bandar Abbas. Same name.
1982 During the Iraq-Iran war she was bombed by Iraqi aircraft and set on fire. Towed out and scuttled outside the harbour. 1986 Tbe wreck was condemned for scrap.
1987 Feb 4: Inbound fi:om Bushire, the Iran Salam (Iran Shipping Lines) hit the wreck and was extensively damaged. Tbe wreck of Raffaelo was then removed piecemeal.

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