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Certainly throws some light on the subject. Makes a change to say "I like the picture in his light" instead of, "I like the light in his picture". I suppose it could be called "Light Art" or as in the US and down here they call them globes, it could be Global Art. We are changing to all energy saving globes in Aus. It will be difficult to fit a model ship in one of them Donald. I guess you could make the background a ship scene and put the light bulb in a corner with a little vignette of life on board. Captain on the bridge, stoker having a *** up top, or the Christening ceremony. Food for thought.


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Wonderful, Rickles! Thank you very much! That's the 'Clan' coming into Ardrossan, I think? Love it, and I'm honoured that you have done it for me. 'Global Art' - ha, ha, ha! Anthony, that's very clever and witty! The picture in his light is splendid, indeed! Could we also call this 'Bulbous Boat Art' - thinking of 'Bulbous Bows'?! Your suggestions for projects are certainly illuminating (!). I must think about putting a car-ferry into a 'globe'. The lighthouse keeper to whom I referred was Willie Leslie, who lived latterly in Oban. He was a master craftsman, whose work has been an inspiration to me. Willie has passed on, but his skill and kindness remain fresh in my mind. Many, many thanks again, Rickles - old ships in a new light. Thank you too for reminding me of Willie - lightkeeper....light bulbs/globes...fascinating indeed. Donald.

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Thank you gentlemen for your kind posts.
When I send the pictures in to the tutor I will group them as Global Art, it's too good a title to miss out on.
I can make ships in bottles, the real thing and not digital art.
I was inspired by my Late Father's ship in a bottle which I inherited. Unusual thing about it is that the bottle had been split lengthwise and somehow put back together again.
The split is only just visible but it is not superglued as I can remember the bottle way back when I was a wee child some fifty years or more ago.
I will accept the challenge using the energy saving globes as we have just had the whole house done with them.

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