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RMS Queen Elizabeth on Grand Banks

RMS Queen Elizabeth on Grand Banks

This was taken from the Cunard cargo vessel ss ALAUNIA whilst passing Queen Elizabeth on the Grand Banks.

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Good picture. Where are the Grand Banks? It is a shame that we seem to have to refer to ther as QE1, surely she is and always will be Queen Elizabeth or just the QE although I don't recall her being refered to as such.


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It would have been taken sometime in 1966 I think. I will have to check in my discharge book because I can remember our Captain "Zulu" Thomson who had recently been Staff Captain ( I think) on QE talking to the Cunard Commodore.

Alan, the Grand Banks are off the eastern coast of Newfoundland. They were notorious for fog because the warm gulf stream met the cold Canadian air and thick fog resulted. It is the only place in the world I can ever recall being in thick fog in a force 8 gale. It was also an area well populated by fishing boats and a combination of all the above made it a virtual certainty the radar would pack up at some very inconvenient stage!

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