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Royal Inspection

Royal Inspection

I found these recently in my dads papers. He was in the RN for 22 years leaving in about 1956. Where these were taken I have no idea but all have the stamp shown at picture 6 on the back of the photos

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I'm not sure but these pics appear to be linked to X craft (Midget submarines) and possibly chariots (Human torpedo's). They did have some X craft at Portland during the 50's. I just wonder perhaps if these pics were taken aboard HMS Maidstone. Just a footnote a lot of the scenes from Above us the Waves were shot at Portland during the 50's. I've just noticed the Official stamp on the pics dated 1944.

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Well spotted Tony,
Although I dont have all my stuff here that hatch being examined matches exactly with an X-craft hatch, the small size of these craft explains the wooden safety rail, as the photog is shooting up at the King he must be below the deck of the x-craft so she must be out of the water somewhere.
I knowe of the Bonaventure being one of the support ships, whatever ship supported the x-craft it had to have one thing - a derrick with an SWL greater than 27 tons, which was the weight of an x-craft, beyond the Bonaventure I do not know of any other support vessels employed

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