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S 128 after mine hit

S 128 after mine hit

The German torpedo boat S 128 seen here after hitting a Russian mine in 1915.

The S 128 (693 ts) was launched on Febr. 25th, 1905 by the Ferdinand Schichau Werke, Elbing and commissioned on July 8th, 1905.
During WW 1 the S 128 was deployed to the Baltic Sea and took part in various operations against the Russian Fleet like reconnaissance, shelling of shore positions and lighthouses and actions against Russian vessels. With the advance of the German Army in Lithuania and Latvia in late April 1915 the Kaiserliche Marine concentrated a significant force in the southern Baltic to accompany the army from the seaside in taking the port of Liepaja/Libau.
S 128 belonged to a group a torpedo boats detached to raid the harbour of Liepaja on May 7th, 1915. Unknown to the Germans a minefield was secretly laid the Russian destroyer Nowik and 10 other destroyers off the port the night before. While approaching the southern breakwater, S 128 hit one of the mines, that detonated under the stern, nearly ripping it off. The sister-boats S 129 and S 139 underpinned the disabled vessel and towed it first to Memel/Klajpeda and later to Danzig for repairs. However, Liepaja was taken on May 8th.
On Sept. 27th, 1916 the S 128 was renamed T 128 and downgraded to an escort vessel and training ship and attached to the coastal defense flotilla. She remained in the Baltic until the end of war. After the 1918 Armistice the T 128 was decommissioned in Nov. 1918 and stricken on March 22nd, 1920. On June 13th, 1921 sold for scrap and broken up at Kiel.

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Funnel caps and three heavy guns, that's not "S 128"! Probably one of the boats built starting in 1913/14 ("V 25" etc.).

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