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S.S AMERICA, Main Lounge

S.S AMERICA, Main Lounge

These are a photographers reject pictures for United States Lines publicity material. I have forgotten the photographer but it may even be Byron. these were taken when the ship was new.

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The America was a lovley liner both inside and out from pictures of her i have sceen .Unfortunatly i only saw her as the Australis. Tho when she became Australis of Chandres Lines thing changed. The Daily News here in Perth covered her maden arrival in Fremantle. From the photos they took she was a real mess how she was allowed to sail i dont know. Reports during the voyage mentioned furniture beeing throwen overboard and new furniture beeing made. The only thing that remained were the two brass eagles out side the main lounge. I have been trying to find the artical on her maden voyage but have has no luck.

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