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Built 1968 as Indian Mail. Taken over by American President Lines in 1978 and operated as President Jackson. Retired to the Maritime Administration in 1988 and renamed Cape Gibson. I believe she is still part of the Reserve Fleet.

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I piloted this class of ship on several occasions and they were sweethearts. As a very new river pilot, I was taking one up to Sacramento with a strong northwesterly wind. The channel is quite narrow at 200 feet wide and I'd always wondered if a heavy wind would be a problem with a light ship by setting her down onto the lee bank. We were on a half ahead bell with literally one end of the ship on one bank, and the opposite end on the other bank. We struggled along like this for quite some time before I ordered full ahead and we steamed up the middle of the channel without further a due. That's the way I ran the "cut" from that day forward, only slowing down for the various turns. There was a ship astern of us a few miles that same day that was set over to the lee bank and had to call tugs down from the port to get off the bank. A lesson learned.

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