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The S.S. Presidente Wilson was built by Cantiere Navale Triestino, Monfalcone for the Austrian Company, Unione Austriaca of Trieste. She was Launched on September 9th, 1911 as the S.S. Kaiser Franz Josef I and sailed from Trieste to Bueno Aires on her maiden voyage in February 1912. On May 25th, 1912, she started her first voyage from Trieste to Patras, Palermo, Algiers and New York, which commenced this route on June 13th, 1914. In 1919, she was renamed S.S Presidente Wilson and on May 5th, 1919 commenced her first voyage from Genoa to Marseilles and New York under the Inter-Allied flag and carrying mostly troops. Between 1925 and 1926 she was converted to oil fuel and in November 1929 she commenced her last sailing from Trieste to Naples, New York , Boston and back to Naples and Trieste. In 1930, she went to Lloyd Triestino and was renamed S.S. Gange. In 1936, went to Adriatica and was renamed S.S. Marco Polo. On May 12th, 1944, she was scuttled by the Germans at Spezia and in 1950 was refloated and scrapped.
• Length: 145.5 m (477 ft 5 in) • Beam: 18.3 m (60 ft 2 in) • Propulsion: One triple expansion steam engine, single screw • Speed: 17 knots (19-20 Mph) • Capacity: 12,567 tons • Occupancy: 125 1st class passengers, 550 2nd class passengers, and 1,230 3rd class passengers.
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