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Sailing ships resting. Portmadoc, Wales, c.1928.

Sailing ships resting. Portmadoc, Wales, c.1928.

In the late 1920-30's John Sanders' Uncle William, of Birmingham UK was an amateur photographer and took several pictures of ports, mainly on the Welsh coast. He had the advantage of having much better equipment, although he was even more scant with his notes! This is one of my favourites, slight enhancing having added some colour. I know nothing except what is visible although the date must be from that period - 10yrs on.. - Unidentified ships?

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The fully rigged 3 mast topsail schooner on the right looks like one of the Porthmadog owned "Western Ocean Yachts" as they were known. By c1922 most of these had been lost or sold away and survivors had engines fitted and rigging cut down. The "Isallt" (1909,133grt) carried full sail the longest I believe and traded in the Irish Sea following sale to owners in Eire and so is a possibility.

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