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Santa Maria Manuela

Santa Maria Manuela

Portuguese four masts cod fishing steel auxiliary gaff schooner SANTA MARIA MANUELA, imo 5312628/ 68,64m including bowsprit (62,64m loa)/ 607gt/1xBurmeister & Wain diesel/ sail area 1.130m2/ complement: 70 crew and 50 trainees;1937 ordered as ARGUS for Parceria Geral de Pescarias, Lisbon, meanwhile

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Olá Poseidon9
The Portuguese White Fleet while WW2 had circa 45 vessels between schooners and modern motor vessels white painted. A small number of side trawlers were black painted with neutral symbols in most visible parts of the ship; however in 1942 two schooners DELAES and MARIA DA GLORIA were attacked by u-boots and sank, before the organization of the White Fleet. The crew of DELAES was saved by another schooner, unfortunately from a crew of 44 sheltered in dories of MARIA DA GLORIA, en route from Grand Banks to Greenland, only 8 including its injured captain were rescued by USCG cutter SEA CLOUD. The others never more traced.
In 1956 there were 25 schooners including the ANA MARIA ex ARGUS (1), a pure sailing schooner and 22 motor vessels not using sails, still white painted and 22 big side trawlers still black painted too.
See under mentioned link re my Blogue NAVIOS À VISTA more information re Portuguese White Fleet.
Rui Amaro

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