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Sara Lupe

Sara Lupe

Sara Lupe working cargo in Mexico 1979

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Firstly thank you for sharing some interesting pictures, that is appreciated; secondly, if I may make a small suggestion, you will see that generally speaking throughout the Site Gallery, the picture title that is entered is usually quite brief and to the point, with just the name of the ship or the place. That mode of working is encouraged by the Site Owners, as it means that anyone searching can enter, for example, Sara Lupe, and it will come up with all the picture of the ship. What you are likely to be doing is allowing the file name from your own PC to also stand as the title for the gallery title here; hence you have this as ‘sara_lupe_05356’.
With this in mind, I have taken the liberty of editing your title from sara_lupe_05356 to what it reads now and I trust you will take this comment in the spirit in which it is written and not criticism of your efforts.

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Hello Weychan.Done a trip on thr Sara Lupe in the early 70s. Joined her in Yokohama,done the japanese coast then expected to be off to Mexico and Central America. No such luck, we ended up loading cars for the States then up to Vancouver to load for India. I must say one of the trips of my sea going carrer. A lovely ship and a good crew.What more could you ask.

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