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Scavenge level Lucerna 1976

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Thats the lower level Stuart ; crankcase doors Stbd side . Scavange space was next level up . Cheers Derek

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Yup, bottom plates fer sher! C/C explosion doors.

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It may be of interest that below floor plates in way of the number 2 door there was a holding down bolt left out during construction at Davies . This resulted in bilge water ( due to the draing of coolers in the Fal at Lay Up ( the vessel having no work ) leaking into the lub oil sump . As part of Lay Up proceedure the engine was turned using the turning gear weekly ; with the lub oil pumps running of course . Result was that the engine was contaminated with salt water . Required a strip down of the engine to clean out the contamination .
I had stood Bye as Chief Engineer at Davies however left the company to join Davies as Project Manager Engineering .
When the report of the contamination came through as a claim I was dispatched to the vessel to try and find blame on the vessel ; I was not very popular with Cunard . My Buddies were all in the crew ; I cited that they were negligent in starting the lub oil pumps when the sump was showing a high level alarm ( due to water ingress ) .
Davies of course lost the case and had to pay for the repair work .

It was the worst job I ever had delegated to me . Buddies and I had a few good lunches and a few brews at the hotel bye the King Harry Ferry ( all paid for by the shipyard I was representing .

Oil is thicker than water .


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