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Senator Petersen

Senator Petersen

A three-masted full rigged vessel built in 1892 by Koch in Lubeck, Germany.
(251.8x39.7x21.8 ft.) (1736 BRT)

Built for AH. Wappaus from Hamburg.

Sold in 1898 to Knoehr & Burchard from Hamburg

Disappeared, last sighted Febr. 12, 1906

Does anybody recognize the port ??

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Hello Mellegiesen!

Interested members will perhaps like to know the following:
when in 1898 Wappäus sold the SENATOR PETERSEN to Knöhr & Burchard she was renamed RODENBEK.

She was posted missing on a passage from Liverpool towards Sydney (she left Liverpool on January 23, 1906).

Best regards,

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"Campbell, Nimmo, wool brokers" - must be down under somewhere?

Campbell, Nimmo & Co., I've found out, were members of the Sydney wool selling brokers ass. I have a picture of Sydney with five warehouses similar to the ones at left, but the rest don't fit at all. Campbell, Nimmo might have had offices elsewhere as well.

Or is this Cirqular Quai with different signs than in this link?: Counting from left 5 - 2 - 3 - and a high one. The first 5 in the link camouflaged by the signs.

This picture confirms it, it is Circular Quai Sydney:,_Circular_Quay,_Sydney.jpg

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