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3258 tons of wooden ship, more than two acres of canvas, four masts, three skysails,- waddaya call her: Shenandoah! -Her portrait used to adorn the register of all American ships and the licences issued to all masters of American sailing ships. She was something yes; her fore main and mizzen trucks
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A good book to read about Sewall's ships is "Live Yankees" by Bunting (2009; isbn 9780884483151 ). It has informaion about the Shenandoah, and the other ships they built. Wow, did she make water and work alot! They evidently didn't even use the metal hull strapping Percy & Small used on their giant schooners (like Wyoming), which some of the clipper builders used also. That was a mistake. Still, she made many a tough voyage, and some of their smaller ships went on quite a while. The Indiana of 1876 was still complete when she "blew ashore" in 1936, having carried sail at least as lately as 1931 for a movie she was in.

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