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Delivered from Fredrikstad Mek. Verksted in July-1942 as Sigurd Jarl (303) to Det Nordenfjeldske Dampskibsselskab. Originally meant for the company's Mediterranean service, but altered and placed in Hurtigruten due to heavy war losses. 2335 gt, 1329 net, 1200 tdwt, 289.6' x 43' x 23', one 4 cyl. compound steam engine by yard, 1800 ihp, 14 knots, coal fuelled boilers. 63 beds in 1st class, 120 in 3rd class.

Requisitioned by the Germans in Nov.-1942 and used as a "theater ship" for entertainment of the troops. Returned to Nordenfjeldske in Sept-1944 and placed in Hurtigruten service Tromsø-Trondheim. One of the many vessels used in the tragic, forced evacuation of Finnmark in Oct.-1944 (about 45 000 people were evacuated). As the Germans retreated ahead of the approaching Russian forces, they ordered an evacuation of the entire Norwegian population of Finnmark and of Troms, whereupon the "scorched earth" tactic was implemented. Over 10 000 homes were burnt, as well as bridges, power stations, factories, fishing vessels, telephone facilities etc.

On Jan. 17-1945 she was run into by D/S Torridal while in port in Trondheim.

POST WAR: On Oct. 2-1945 she was taken out of service for 2 weeks due to boiler damage. Following a stay at a yard she was placed in Hurtigruten service from Bergen on Nov. 17-1945. On May 30-1946 she went on trial runs in Trondheimsfjord before going back to Hurtigruten service after having been at the yard in Trondheim for 3 weeks. Certified for 650 passengers, beds for 79 people in 1st class and 130 in 2nd class. Ran aground near Florø on Nov. 4-1947, then went to Fredrikstad for repairs. At the same time she was converted to oil fuelling and her cabin capacity was increased to 50 beds (Kong Harald meanwhile took over her route, while the hired Christiania took over Kong Harald's route). Back in Hurtigruten service on March 24-1948. Ran aground near Bygnes in Sortlandsundet on Aug. 19-1950. Erling Jarl attempted to refloat her, but she was eventually pulled off by Parat and Uller, then towed to Fredrikstad for repairs. Damaged again when she ran into the quay at Finnsnes on July 30-1954. Run into by M/S Ueland on June 3-1957 at Stigfjorden near Lurøy. Ueland sank, 2 men saved while 1 died. Collided with M/S August Thyssen in Rørvik harbour on Febr. 28-1960, and returned to Trondheim for repairs. Departed Trondheim on June 12-1960 on her last nothbound voyage for Hurtigruten. Sold that same month to National Transport Machinery Import, Peking and renamed Xin Hua, still registered in 1970.

(Main Source: Nordenfjeldske 1857 - 1985, Finn R. Hansen).

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IMO 5255521
Ship Type : Passenger / General Cargo Ship.
Dim : Loa x Beam - 88.3 x 13.2 mtr.
Passenger Capacity : 1.Class 63 & 2.Class 120 berths.
Built in 1942 as " SIGURD JARL " at Fredriksstad Mekaniske Verksted A/S Fredrikstad Norway for Nordenfjellske Dampskipsselskap A/S Trondhjem Norway. Delivered in July. Building costs NOK 2.560.000.

Tonnage : grt / nrt / tdw - 1.200 tdw, 2.335 brt, 1.329 nrt.
Machinery : Fredrikstad Steam Engine Compound (2 x 14,6’’-2 x 34,3’’, Stroke: 32,5’’ ) - 239 nhp/1.800 ihp.
Main Boiler : 2 x Fredrikstad Coal Fired Steam Boilers w/ Superheater (13,3’ x 11,9’) & 3 Furnace.Total Heating Area 3.695 ft².Workpressure 220 psi

1942 Requisitioned in November by German authorities for use as a welfare ship.
1944 Returned to owners in September. In Hurtigruten Tromsø-Trondheim.
1945 Hit 17/01 by DS " TORRIDAL " at quay in Trondheim.
1945 Out of Hurtigruten 02/10 with boiler damages. Repaired. In Hurtigruten again 17/11.
1946 Trials 30/05 after 3 week docking in Trondheim. Licensed for 650 passengers. Berths for 79 in 1. class and 130 in 2. class.
1947 Stranded 04/11 near Florø. Brought to Fredrikstad for repairs, converted boiler for oil firing and 50 new berths for passengers.
1948 In Hurtigruten again from 24/03.
1950 Stranded 19/08 at Bygnes in Sortlandsundet. NFDS DS " ERLING JARL " attempted to bring her off but no success. Refloated by salvage vessels " PARAT " and " ULLER ". Towed to Fredrikstad for repairs.
1954 Hit the quay 30/07 at Finnsnes. Minor damages.
1957 Hit 03/06 on Stigfjorden at Lurøy by MS " UELAND " which sank. 2 men saved, 1 man lost.
1960 Collided 28/02 with German MS "AUGUST THYSSEN " in Rørvik harbour. Returned to Trondheim. Damages estimated to NOK 66.000.
Last trip in Hurtigruten began 12/06 from Trondheim.
Sold to National Transport Machinery Import, Guangzhou, China. Renamed " XIN HUA ".
1992 Deleted from registers.


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