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Ships off Sentosa island, Singapore - 1985.

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She was a former 'Blue Flue', built on the Clyde. She was built for the West Australia-South East Asia Passenger/Cargo/Livestock trade and had accommodation for 190 passengers as well as 4500 sheep or 700 cattle

M.V. Centaur
O.N. 303899.
8,262g. 4,409n.
480' 9" x 66' 3" x 26' 4½ ". oa
Two, 11-cyl. 2 S.C.S. A. (500 x 1100mm) 11-50VT2BF-110 type oil engines made by Akt. Burmeister & Wains Maskin-og-Skibsbyggeri, Copenhagen, reduction geared to twin propeller shafts. 16,500 BHP. 18 kts.
20.6.1963: Launched by John Brown & Company (Clydebank) Ltd., Glasgow (Yard No. 722), for the Ocean Steamship Company Ltd.
7.1.1964: Completed.
1973: Transferred to Ocean Transport & Trading Ltd., thence to the China Mutual Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
1975: Transferred to Eastern Fleets Ltd., Singapore, (Straits Steamship Company Ltd. had a 64.5% holding).
1978: Transferred to Blue Funnel (S.E. Asia) Private Ltd., (Straits Steamship Company Ltd., appointed as managers), Singapore.
1985: Sold to Shanghai Hai Xing Shipping Company, China, and renamed HAI LONG. 1986: Transferred to Hai Xing Shipping Company, COSCO SHANGHAI, and renamed HAI DA.
1987: Transferred to Shanghai Hai Xing Shipping Company Ltd.
1999: Transferred to China Shipping Development Company Ltd.
3.2001: Owners and managers deleted from Lloyds Register.
3.2006: Reported as having sometime previous, been demolished by Xinhua Shangshui Shipbreaking.

She also covered for the 'St Helena' on the South Africa-St Helena-Ascension-UK passenger/cargo run whilst the Saint was on charter to the MOD in 1982.

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Thanks Jim - I have found a shot of her fitting-out on page 257 of Ships for a Nation, published by West Dumbartonshire Libraries & Museums in 2000. History of the John Brown shipyards.

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Do Gallery search on this website. There are plenty of pics of Blue Flue's Centaur. You just need to wade through a few pages.
Here is one:-

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