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Class: SIR LANCELOT CLASS Landing Ship Logistics
Pennant No: L3005
Laid down: 22 February 1965
Builder: Alexander Stephen & Sons
Launched: 19 April 1966
Into Service: 17 December 1966
Out of service: 8 June 1982 destroyed during Falklands War
Fate: Sunk as a war grave

[b]Description of her loss from RFA Historical Site ( RIP all who died as a result of her bombing. The site also contains a full list of those who died.[/b]
8 June 1982 was again bombed by Argentinian Skyhawk aircraft at Port Pleasant, Fitzroy Creek and was seriously damaged by three bombs. One bomb went through the open upper deck hatch and deflagrated, causing a massive fireball which swept through the tank deck causing heavy casualties amongst the embarked Welsh Guards who were billeted there. The second bomb exploded in the galley area, killing the butcher and the third one burst in the engine room, killing the Third Engineer Officer and trapping others in the thick smoke which resulted. Sea King HAS1 helicopter No: XV654 used to rescue troops from the ship. The fires aboard raged for over a week. The wounded were transferred to the LPD HMS INTREPID and then to the Hospital Ship UGANDA which was anchored in Grantham Sound
11 June 1982 the remainder of her Ship’s Company were transferred to STUFT ATLANTIC CAUSEWAY for onward movement to the STUFT BP tanker BRITISH TEST which transported them to Ascension Island arriving on 23 June 1982 from where they were flown back to RAF Brize Norton in the U.K
25 June 1982 was towed out to sea by the tug RMAS TYPHOON and was torpedoed and sunk by HMS/m ONYX off the Falkland Islands as a war grave at 50°12’ S, 56° 46’ W
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