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Smacks at Skála Skipasmiðja during WW2

Smacks at Skála Skipasmiðja during WW2

Columbus and William Martin FD 588. Notice the wartime painting of the "Merkið" on the bows.

Rolf Guttesen
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The ' Merkid' (Label) is the - in my opinion - the peculiar and unromantic name of the Faeroese ensign.
More interesting on this photo I think, is the shell of concrete hiding the wheelhouse, to protect againt bullets and granates. An air-raid shelter on deck.

But why are the ships supported by those 'ad-hoc beams or balks, aren't they standing on a common slipway-waggon?

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As you may know Rolf Skála is renowned for its whirl-wind (Glaður) and these could well be a precausion against falling over when hit by the wind !!!!
There are exampels of 30 feet boats beeing owerturned i.e.upside down by whirlwinds with the loss of life while pulling herring nets just outside the willage in reasonable weather.
They do come like gunshots and you cant predict them.
Just a thougth ???

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