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SMS Goeben

SMS Goeben

The text to this picture isn't very informative. Published in a French book in 1934, it details the difference between a 'croiseur' and a 'cuirasse' But the guns are said to be German, and be mounted on a 'cuirasse', which I believe should mostly be translated with battleship. The picture is in a ch

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This is a Molke class battle-cruiser and as it is the ;Dardeanelles section it is therefore Highly likely to be that thorn in the british navies side the SMS Goeben, 'sold' to Turkey by the Germans - but retained a German crew hmm.
Very similar to the previous Von-Der-Tann Goeben was built by Blohm and Voss at Hamburg, she was laid down August 1909, completed August 1912 she was sold to the Turks on the 16 August 1914 and renamed YaVuz and Scrapped 1973.
L 526' B 82'06" draught 31'05" displacement 18,596 tons standard and 22,540 tons full load.
Machinery : Quadruple screws parsons direct drive steam turbines 52,000 Shp 25/6 knots - although coal fired I have no info on her boiler arrangement other than that she had 24 boilers
Armament ; Ten 280mm (11") C50 guns in five twin turrets, Twelve 150mm (5.9") C45 guns all in single casemate mounts Twelve 88mm (3.5") C45 guns in single mounts for AA and anti torpedo craft defence
Four 20 inch Torpedo tubes. (one in the bow , Two in the beam and one in the stern. all submerged)

Basically a quite good design, the German ships placed a greater emphasis on armour over armament and thus their ships resisted battle damage far better than their British counterparts who prefered larger guns with lighter armour

History of service
Part of the Mediterranean Division.
4 August 1914 bombarded Philippeville.
7 August 1914 short engagement with British light cruiser HMS Gloucester.
10 August 1914 entered the Dardanelles.
16 August1914 sold to the Ottoman Empire and renamed Yavuz Sultan Selim but retained the German crew.
29 October 1914 bombards Sevastopol and is hit 3 times by coastal battery. On the return journey forces Russian minesweeper Prut to scuttle and fires and damages escorting destroyer.
18 November 1914 involved in the Battle of Cape Sarych with Russian pre-Dreadnought battleships and was hit once by a 12 inch shell causing 13 killed and 3 wounded.
26 December 1914 hits two Russian mines whilst entering the Bosporus. About 2000 tons of water entered the ship. As there were not suitable docking facilities cofferdams had to be used for repairs which take several months.
2-3 April 1915 sortie in the Black Sea sinking two Russian merchant ships.
10 May 1915 engaged with the Russian Black Sea Fleet pre-Dreadnought battleships and is hit three times by 12 inch shells but manages to achieve no hits herself..
14 November 1915 attacked unsuccessfully by Russian submarine Morz.
8 January 1916 in action with the Russian battleship Imperatrtsa Ekaterina. Neither ship hit although Yavuz suffers splinter damage.
4 July 1916 bombards Tuapse sinking a merchant ship and damaging others.
6 July - September 1916 undergoing repairs.
20 January 1918 attempt to raid British forces outside the entrance to the Dardanelles. Sinks the British monitors Raglan and M28 at Imbros but is struck by 3 mines and runs aground.
26 January 1918 the ship is re-floated.
1971 Sold for scrap

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Thanks, Steve. I found a picture of the Goeben - difficult to link to - that seemed to confirm your choice of name for the ship. She had a long career as turkish. regards, Stein.

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Looks like there is enough information for a SN Guide entry on Goeben in here if you get a spare half hour?


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