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Although the label says ablaze by bombardment of HMS Soika I'm informed that Soika was an armed trawler and unlikely to have the firepower to inflioct the scale of damage. Can anyone give information on the operation at Sullum?

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Sollum is in Egypt on the border with Libya and close to Bardia in Libya and I think this may be one of the Bardia/Sollum bombarments, these ran from 1941 and could be the result of a large number of ships from Cunninghams battleships - Barham, warspite Queen Elizabeth and Valiant.
In July 1940 HMAS Sydney, among others had a go at the place so this really could be any bombardment, if i come across anything I will post it here

Soika was a Whaler built by Smiths docks for Christian Salvesons on the Tyne in 1925 and requisitioned for war service in 1940, she was fairly small about 300-330 tons and returned to her owners at the end of the war, I would supsect she was a minesweeper - which may indicate this is a later bombardement of Bardia/ sollum during the retaking in early Jan 1941 which may indicate this is the 02nd jan 1941 bombardment.
Soika seems to have been involved in some sort of heroics with a Leonard Barnes D.S.M RN/R being mentioned

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