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A fine pic. Reminds me of, to me, a remarkable incident when in command of her in 1974.
Ship completed discharge at Bandar Abbas (ex Oz) and from there went to Bahrain, Sitrah anchorage). Having anchored, and as wont at that time, expecting a protracted stay, the motorboat was lowered so that the 3/o could get a draft. As the boat rounded the rudderpost, a small cat was seen clinging precariously to the to the top of the rudder! With some difficulty, the 3/o retrieved the animal, and he and his wife cared for it for the subsequent voyage home to Falmouth. This was quite a task, and while they took great care not to let it out of their cabin, the beast was quite wild. There seemed little doubt that the cat had transferred itself to the rudder from country craft wich had surrounded the stern while discharging in Bundar Abbas. The trip from BA to Bahrain would have taken about 12 hours, I think , in retrospect, but the ship in light condition would have been vibrating in the extreme around the rudder area! Anyway, the sad end was, that on arrival the animal was so wild that the local vet agreed , considering quarantine considerations and its neurotic state , that the best thing was that it was "put to sleep"

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