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Subs Sea Wolfes

Subs Sea Wolfes

From Bengore Head...can you recognize it?

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Looks like Everard's AMITY, think she was the one with the slightly larger funnel in this class, of wartime built vessels.

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Ex-WW2 coastal oil tanker owned by F T Everard & Sons Ltd. Can't identify the vessel itself but will have carried a name that began with the letter A and ended in the letters 'ity'.

Best I can do Boboman.


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There was a series of standard tankers built to this design as has already been pointed out. There were 7 steamers and 13 motor vessels. Everards had none of the steamers. At various times they owned the following motor vessels:

AQUEITY ex-Empire Belgrave (mined and sunk in 11/1947)
ANONITY ex-Empire Campden
ALIGNITY ex-Empire Fitzroy
AQUEITY ex-Empire Tedmuir
ACUITY ex-Empire Tedship
AMITY ex-Empire Tedassa
AUSTILITY ex-Empire Tedlora
ARDUITY ex-Empire Tedson

Many of the others (and even some of these at first) went to Shell, BP, Shell Mex & BP, John Harker

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This is the Austility as far as I can tell. At the after end, bottom of the midships accommodation and its black paint there is a wee white square. Quite prominent in this picture. In Everard of Greenhithe by K.S.Garrett is another photo of Austility and the white square is also prominent .... none of the other in this class are painted so. In fact they all have slightly different schemes and that wee white square on Austility stands out as a distinguishing mark. She also has a single white mast whereas Amity has two buff ones. Anonity has a squat funnel and single buff funnel. Acuity has two white masts and a squat funnel.

Barnsey (==D)

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