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Subs Sea Wolfes

Subs Sea Wolfes

From Bengore Head pictured off the cost of ???,for sure North Atlantic.
Can you recognize the "Paquebot"?

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For me could be but wich one the Pasteur-Bremen or the 1966 Australie-Pasteur-Chidambaram?
By the way I've said "Paquebot" but don't actually know if it's French,if it was I would get a little bit worried ...some psichic power?

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Tis the 'Pasteur' sailing under the German flag as the 'Bremen'


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She was built by Penoet, St. Nazaire for the Cie. Sudatlantique and completed in 1939.
Her maiden voyage, Bordeaux to Buenos Aires, was cancelled and after transporting gold reserves to Canada, she became a trooper managed by Cunard White Star.
Returned to the French in 1945, she continued as a troopship, now managed by her original owners.
Laid up in 1956, she was bought by North German LLoyd the following year and rebuilt (32,330GT), entering a service from Bremerhaven to New York in 1959 as the 'Bremen'. She also did some cruising.
Refurbished in 1965, she became part of the combined NGL/HAPAG fleet in 1970.
Late the the following year she was sold to Chandris and was renamed 'Regina Magna'(23,800GT) in 1972. Used for cruising until laid up in 1974. Later became an acccomodation ship in Saudi Arabia and sank while being towed to Taiwanese breakers in 1980
As built:
29,250GT, 697' x 88', quad screw, geared turbines. 23 knots service speed.
288 1st, 125 2nd and 338 3rd class passengers.

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