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Sverri Ólason TG 730

Sverri Ólason TG 730

Built in Vágur/Nakskov in 1989, 118 ft sterntrawler. Sold to Iceland in 1997.

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Now registered as Viking Enterprice in Vancouver, Canada:

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All the best for 2011 Rolf. Have enjoyed your many posts. As Regint says she is now Viking Enterprise Vancouver BC. If you check my very small gallery you will find a couple of pictures of her alongside the Canfisco dock in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island unloading her catch of block frozen processed Hake.

Cheers John L.

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Hi John, and thank you very much for your comments.
And what a surprise to find two pictures of yours, showing old 'Sverri Ólason' as 'Viking Enterprise'. It looks as if she/he is in good condition.

Regards Rolf

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