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Built 1902, GRT 1,004. Owners The Hull & Netherlands Steamship Company, formed in 1894 and ran Hull-Amsterdam / Rotterdam services. They became part of Associated Humber Lines in 1957.

Sister of Swan. Renamed Selby Abbey in 1908 reflecting the change of ownership of the company and to blend with the new naming policy adopted for the four 'Abbey' vessels being built.
Sold in 1913 to Gerhard & Hay of Windau, Riga and renamed Triton.
Sunk as a block ship in August 1914 at Windau she was raised and rebuilt by Kaiser Werft in Danzig in 1916 for supply work with the same name.
Renamed Triton l in 1923 and Falke in 1927 when resold within Germany.
In 1929 she carried General Delgado to La Guaira in Venezuela for an abortive revolution, the General being killed.
Became Ilse Vormauer in 1930 and traded in the Caribbean and Yunque in 1933 when sold to Cuban interests. Finally becoming Colombia (or Columbia) as a Cuban naval transport.
Stranded and lost on the Cuban coast in 1944 after a long and eventful career.
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