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T.I.D 164

T.I.D 164

Ex: 1945 TID 164, 1975 HERCULES, 1978 TID 164
TID-class (numbered from 1 to 183, no nr 13) (T.I.D.=Tug,Inshore and Dock)
54 GRT, 14 NRT,
Loa:21,87m(19,82), B:5,49m, D:1,836m(2,44) (74.0'(65.0')x17.0'x7.4' or 74'0"(62'3")x18'0"(17'0")x5'11.1/2"(8'0"))
Hull:welded steel,
Machinery: 1 scr, C2cyl by ?? (first 90 coal fired, next oil fired), 42nhp-220ihp
Speed: 8,5 kn

TID 164
1945 -xx/08: Launched by "Wm Pickersgill" at Sunderland (GBR) (YN 291)
1945 -xx/11: Completed for the UK MOWT Ministry of War Transport, allocated to naval service at Port Edgar, attached to HMS LOCHINVAR
1947: Chartered to "Port of London Authorities" at London (GBR)
1948 -12/08: Permanently transfered to naval service
1962 -12/12: In reserve at Rosyth (GBR)
1967 -05/05: Brought forward from maintained reserve at Rosyth and active until replaced in 11/1973
1974: To Chatham Dockyard (GBR)
1974 -10/06: To "Medway Maritime Museum" in Kent (GBR) for £1750
1975: To "International Towing Ltd", navigating for the Medway Maritime Museum, renamed HERCULES
1978: Rrestored by Martin Stevens at Sittingbourne, Kent (GBR), re-renamed TID 164
2007: Still owned and runs by Martin Stevens on the Medway (GBR)

Seen at Faversham Creek. 9th May 2007
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