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Tamar and Lynher trots Devonport 1964

Tamar and Lynher trots Devonport 1964

A rare view of ships on Lynher Trot Devonport. Previously within my gallery HMS ROBERTS picture , SN member Powers indentified the three ships in the distance on 1 Lynher Trot as Cook, Loch Ruthven and Shackleton. My latest picture is also 1964. Ahead and left of Magnificent on the Lynher is HMS COO

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Apart from the ships, the picture shows the two main railway lines that passed the dockyard at this point. The nearest line with green coaches on the rear of a train heading from left to right is on the old Southern Railway main line to London (Waterloo) which skirted the northern slopes of Dartmoor en route to Exeter and beyond. Behind and parallel to it is the old Great Western line to London (Paddington) by way of the southern slopes of Dartmoor and the Dawlish sea wall. At this point, near to the dockyard's St Levan gate area, trains destined for the two London termini would be travelling in opposite directions - a strange anomaly for the casual observer but a far better situation than today when the only remaining line is often washed away by the crashing waves at Dawlish.


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