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small pas tugs in malta 1960 all built in canada in 1944the word tanac is belived to be deprived from t=tug anac= part of the word canada backwards

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Tanac. Early in the war the British Ministry of War Transport could foresee the need for a considerable number of small tugs which would be suitable for harbour service in ports of the world. Designs and specifications were accordingly prepared so that construction could be undertaken by organizations with little experience in shipbuilding. As construction developed the tugs were largely built in prefabricated sections, which were assembled at the various yards. The powering of these tugs was revised during the building of the series, being increased from 200 B.H.P to 375 B.H.P.
In view of the general nature of the operations of these vessels, particular attention was paid to the accommodation of the six man crew. Living quarters were all insulated, with mechanical ventilation being arranged in engine room and living quarters. In order to increase the utility of the vessels, fire pumps with a monitor and deck hose connections were fitted. The extent of the service of these vessels - which was world wide and included the invasion of Europe, is proof of the soundness of the design.
A total of 265 CT (Canadian Tug) Tanac tugs were built in Canada for British Ministry of Transport by 5 Canadian shipbuilders, including CT 46-50 in 1943 by Russel Brothers Limited of Owen Sound. RBL also later (1945) built Tanac V-206 to Tanac V-215. (The V stands for Victory). All 14 went overseas.

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