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The Hatchet Inn

The Hatchet Inn

Another very old pub near the docks. It use to a fine watering hole for the ladies??

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I think it's the second oldest pub in the city. Looks to have been straightened up a bit, but maybe I was looking at it through 'Courage' coloured glasses (in '65 when I lived there EVERY pub was a 'Courage' pub. Is the brewery still going?

At that time it had old tables and forms and Long John Silver wouldn't have been out of place. Yes, a lot of 'ladies' used it as their office. Loads of laughs. I visited a few years later and it had juke box, padded seats, etc - sacrilege! I'm glad I saw it how it was.

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Well you answered my question from the other post as to when you were there.
John I left there in 1954 so I don\'t know much about the places anymore,I did frequent the Old Hatchet a lot in the 50s especially after signing off a ship in Avonmouth most of the crew would be in there for a drink before going home.
I have been back a few time since then,last year was the last. You can never find the old crowd when you try to look for them, in my case its the graveyard or the Port of Bristol Club on the banks of the Avon they hardly go to pubs anymore ,they say its for the younger crowd. John R

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