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The hulk of European Gateway awaiting rebuilding at Perama

The hulk of European Gateway awaiting rebuilding at Perama

  • Ian
European Gateway was sunk off Felixstowe in 1982 following collision with Sealink Vanguard. Later raised and written off as a c.t.loss, she re-appeared at the Naafsi yard in Perama where she is seen here awaiting rebuild.

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This is the first time I see how this ship came to Greece, and she was rebuilt from the ashes!! Bert thanks once again!

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Excellent and an entirely unexpected surprise to see this photo Bert, could I ask for a higher resolution copy for my collection only please ? If so; please let me know by private message and I willI send my e-mail address to you .
I was a bobby on duty at Felixstowe the morning after the collision, at 0600, and as light came up was able to see the overturned hull of the gateway a mile or so offshore. It was very windy and grey that morning but visibility was fair. Several boats were still in the process of searching the vicinity of the ship for the 6 unaccounted persons. I think that 4 crew and 2 lorry drivers perished. I remember feeling absolutely helpless ashore and as it turned out the survivors and all 'handling' of the incident took place at Harwich, thus we had no involvement at all.
I can't recall how long she stayed on her side but it was some time - maybe months - before the salvors welded the parbuckling rig onto her hull and eventually dragged her upright before she was patched and refloated.
The ship is still going strong as the Greek owned 'Penelope' see here for history and many photos of her life :-
regards, Rick

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