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The King

The King


This vessel desperately needs saving from scrap. She is 106 years old and the last Teak on Oak Thames passenger vessel in near original condition and is also a National Historic Ship.
She saved many lives from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940 and deserves to be saved and restored.

I am currently trying my best to save this vessel myself but need all the help i can get.

See a photo of her under my fathers ownership in 1989 here :

Length: 81ft
Beam: 14ft 6ins
Draft: 5ft 5ins
Displacement: 40.80 tons
Engine: Originally Steam
Re-engined 1947- Thornycroft 75 Diesel
Re-engined: 1989 Ford 120hp Engine
Construction: Teak on oak
Builder: H. Tagg, East Molesey
Year Built: 1902

Harry Tagg(1902-1915)
Joseph Mears(1916-1946),
Thames Launches (1946-1977)
Marine Transit LTD (1977-1979)
Charles Wyatt (1980-1984)
Gary Beckwith(1985-1989)
Current Events LTD(1989 - 1994)
Morris Tolhurst (1994 - Current) (Laid Up and For sale!)

Seen laid up in drydock in sad state at the Beacon Boatyard on the Medway.

Seen here 7th August 2008.

Photo copyright Ben @
with many thanks to Morris Tolhurst for letting me have a good look around

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write to Boris ... put him on the spot
this is not just maritime heritage
it's heritage tourism too
they can do it in Europe
so why not here

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This country has no pride in its maritime heritage at all. I am trying to get help from a trust but before they can apply for Lottery funds,they tell me i need to find out the following:

1) Who will take her on after restoration
2) What will she do after restoration e.g go back to passenger boat operations

Its all very complicated,and then applying for funds is hard also. The cost is said to be approx £200,000 to totally restore her and considering millions are given a way to stupid building projects,saving a boat like this is little money.

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