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Three Cheers

Three Cheers

A better one, she might be from Melbourne.

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I wonder if this could be the schooner built by Captain Duncan Matheson of Omaha. Captain Matheson was accidentally killed aboard the schooner in 1882, just as he had finished building her. He was hit by a falling spar.
She won the the trading Vessels' Race at Auckland Anniversary Regatta in 1883 and was considered one of New Zealand's fastest vessels.

The hull of above ship does not look like that of a racer though, not here at least) My info is from P. A. Eaddy, who warns of mistaking this Three Cheers with a larger Australian "hold-scow." I would take a scow to be a flat bottomed vessel with hard chines that should show forward, but here's a picture of a former hold-scow that compares well with the picture above: So maybe this is not the New Zealand flyer but something slow from Australia.

It's the L'Avenir on the right at least...

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Hello Stein,
I found her in a category : Ketches, but she doen not look like a racer. I have an other phote from her saying she is from Melbourne. I thinks it's the bigger Australian one and she had to be classified as a "hold-scow".
By the way, I can't find any further info on her.
Regards, Melle

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The picture probably shows the THREE CHEERS built in Australia.

She is mentioned at this site:

Scroll down to a little more than halfway, no picture, just a short description of her history.

Many racing scows and the same info on THREE CHEERS:

THREE CHEERS in the papers:

THREE CHEERS in the scow list:


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