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TID 21

TID 21

U.S. Army tug TID 21. Built in 1943 by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne, yard no. T421, official number 169320. 54 tons.
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"The Cherbourg Story. Cherbourg, the first major Continental port liberated by the Allies, optimized the pattern of engineering skill which military salvage ex

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British tug built for inshore working so this really was a grand day out for it. Following the closure of Sheerness Dockyard in the 50's and rationalisation at Chatham about 30 of these were moored in The Medway with other navy tugs until the scrapman took his toll.

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As it shows the prefix on the bow US Army then taken between 20th February and 18th December 1944.

The following career is taken from the recent book T.I.D. Tugs of WW2 by W. J. Harvey - Published by the World Ship Society Ltd. October 2019
ISBN 978 – 0 – 9560769 – 9 -1

T.I.D. 21 c/s MKXR
O.N. 169320. 54g. 0n. 65.0 x 17.0 x 7.4 feet.
C.2-cyl. (12½” and 26” x 18”) by Worsley Mesnes Ironworks Ltd., Wigan. Boiler by Danks of Netherton Ltd., Netherton, Dudley. Coal fuel. 220 IHP. 8½ knots.
24.07.1943: (Ministry Job No. A/MS/640) launched by Richard Dunston Ltd., Thorne (Yard No. 421) for the Ministry of War Transport, London, (Stanley Lancelot Tottle, Hull, manager at the Ministry).
23.09.1943: Registered at Hull, vessel No.82 of 1943.
27.09.1943: Completed.
27.09.1943 until 22.02.1944: Allocated to commercial duties, under the management of the Great Western Railway Co, at Cardiff.
15.02.1944: Arrived at Belfast, in company with T.I.D. 22, from Corpach.
16.02.1944: Departed Belfast “for sea”.
23.02.1944 until 18.12.1944: Allocated to U.S.Army duties, during which time;
10.11.1944: Allocated to Portland.
06.12.1944: Returned to the Ministry of War Transport and was allocated to the management of the Dartmouth Coaling Co. Ltd., Plymouth.
12.12.1944: Arrived Port Arthur; allocated to the Director of Sea Transport, to be towed to Dartmouth by KING EMPEROR (246g./14).
19.12.1944 until 16.02.1945: Allocated to miscellaneous naval duties.
17.02.1945 until 13.10.1945: Allocated to other miscellaneous naval duties.
11.1945: Employed on harbour towage at Dartmouth and towing pinnaces from Dartmouth to Plymouth.
20.03.1946: Owners restyled as the Ministry of Transport, (Stanley Lancelot Tottle, Hull, manager at the Ministry).
22.07.1946: Allocated to Portsmouth harbour duties
09.12.1946: The order to be sailed to East India Dock, London, for lay-up under care and maintenance was recinded and to be retained under the Dartmouth Coaling Co. Ltd., pending a decision on her future.
15.05.1947: Reallocated from the Director of Sea Transport to H.M. Dockyard, Malta for harbour duties
05.08.1947: Arrived for refit at Devonport
17.01.1948: Transferred to miscellaneous naval duties at Malta, under the Captain of Dockyard. Shipped on PACIFIC LIBERTY (7,219g/43)
28.02.1948: British Mercantile Registry closed, consequent of transfer to the Admiralty.
01.12.1953: Employed by the Captain of the Dockyard Boat Pool, Malta.
23.03.1959: Sold to Baileys (Malta) Ltd., Malta, shipyard.
Final fate unknown.

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